YF’s this is the moment …as a highly anticipated track to hit the airwaves

By Martha Nangombe

KNOWN for his thought-provoking narratives and high-energy anthems, YF is set to unleash his long-awaited single, Smokey, an Amapiano-infused song destined to make a considerable market impression, on January 29.

Born Romario Pedro but known to his legion of fans as YF, the artist has forged his route on the music scene with a distinct style that combines clever wordplay, raw emotion, and rhythmic flow, and his variety and genuineness shine through

in every track, demonstrating a depth that resonates with a wide range of audiences.

YF has worked in the entertainment industry for nine years, collaborating with musicians such as Addy Buxexa, Paulelson, and Ney Chiqui.

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On his upcoming album, which is still in the works, YF is set to collaborate with hit-makers Button Rose, Anderson Mario, and Eudreezy.

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In an interview with Confidente, YF pointed out that he chose the Amapiano genre because it is the most sought-after music in the world. “The Amapiano genre is sweeping the global music market, and my track is yet another gem that will have listeners grooving to the beats.

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I present myself as an authentic artist, meaning that I can adapt to any genre because music goes beyond any genre; whatever feels good to me and sounds good, I will sing it.” he said.

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