You are more than a job description- Popyeni

Rosalia David

BUDDING author Popyeni Kaxuxwena has released his first book titled ‘Let’s work’ which encourages people to look beyond their job description and be able to deliver virtuous customer service at any type of working environment.

In an interview with Confidente, Kaxuxwena who is a training and development consultant said through his book he further aims to create an open discussion between employees and employers.

“When people read this book, they are able to know what their employees might be going through at times or what is going through their minds, it’s a genuine story and not a to do book,” he said.
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Kaxuxwena also shares his perspective on the level of customer service in Namibia while touching on topics such as human growth and mental health.

With one of his targeted audience being students, his objective is to change the mindset of students who complete school with the mentality of ‘I need to look for a job’.

“There is nothing wrong with wanting a job but there is a problem when a student wants a job without even knowing what they are going to bring on the table. When a person gets employed, they should already know what is expected from them and not be told what they should be doing, an employee is supposed to be a solution,” he explained.

Asked on how long it took him to write the book, Kaxuxwena said, he wrote for year but only got serious when a professional editor came on board.

Although he described his writing process as ‘marvellous’ Kaxuxwena said the printing phase is the most challenging part of being an author in Namibia.

“I now understand why many authors in Namibia struggle to get their books out there because it’s very costly. I had to print my books in South Africa because it’s cheaper.
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‘Let’s Work’ was printed by a South African company called Vovus Print while it was edited by Rakkel Andreas.

Even though the book is finally out, Kaxuxwena said, the launch will only be held towards the end of August.

“I don’t have a date yet, for now, my focus is only on marketing the concept of the book before it also goes on shelves. For now the book is only available by me for N$250,” he said.