Young Crooner set for greater heights

By Martha Nangombe

DYNAMITES come in small packages, the saying seems to have been created with one, Tana Zendaya Katsvara in mind who despite her tender age and small demeanour captivated the crowd at the recently held Windhoek Spring Market where she enchanted the City of Windhoek (CoW) Mayor, Sade Gawanas.

Despite her being only eight years old, Zendaya, has been approached by a number of popular artists who are lining up to collaborate with her in order to appeal to her age group.

“Some popular local artists such as Dephney Wilibart from Oteya have approached Zendaya for possible collaboration. She is a small little girl with a lot of passion, big talent and we believe she will become a force to be reckoned with on the musical stage.
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We as a family, support her and stand side by side with her on her journey,” said Lomine Langley, founder of Namibia Championships Performing Arts.

Zendaya recently won three (3) silver medals at the Namibian Arts Championship she is one of the finalists of the Voice of Namibia Season five (5) Competition taking place in October this year.

“She started singing at the age of four (4) as a hobby at home and subsequently begun performing when she was seven (7) years old under the wing of ED Music Academy. She has been performing at talent shows and also at the Coastal Town Summer Festival.
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This year she took part in the Namibian Championship Academy, where she scooped silver awards in Country music, pop and western genre. We were excited when she was selected as the youngest artist to perform at the City of Windhoek Market Festival, where she performed effortlessly,” Naomi Katsvara, Zendaya’s mother told Confidente.

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