Young filmmaker needs backing to finish film

By Rosalia David

THE 26-year-old aspiring filmmaker Mburombua Tjipundi, who has worked on her feature film for almost five years, is pleading for funding assistance to the tune of N$800,000 to complete the production phase of her upcoming film titled ‘Road to Success’.

The film is about a young girl from the dusty streets of Opuwo who sought against all odds to complete her education and to one day become a medical doctor.

“The story is about a young lady who fought to become a medical doctor. She is Himba and she was determined to become who she wanted to be, despite her parents being against her pursuing her grades. Back home parents chose the one who would go to school,” she explained.

Through the film, she aims to negate the notion that “Himba people should be nothing but hunter-gatherers” as the world had changed and developed.

“We can’t even depend on hunting and stock anymore because of the current drought situation in the country. We want to send out a message to our people that it is important to go to school. If there is no education it should be known that there will also be nothing to eat,” she added.

Apart from educating the Ovahimba people about the importance of education, she also wants to paint a different picture to the wider world, to create a different view and mindset about Ovahimba society.

Tjipundi said, “People that come to Namibia, tourists and everyone else have a different perspective about us through the information that they have been fed, which is not even true. We just want to tell the truth about where we came from, where we want to be and where we are.”

According to Tjipundi, she was fortunate enough to get N$25,000 sponsorship from Bank Windhoek which she used to shoot the pilot. The Namibian Film Commission assisted her with transport and equipment.

She also held a fundraising gala dinner in Windhoek but it was poorly attended as only a few supported her effort through ticket sales. “People like to make promises. It is very difficult to get enough support when you are from Opuwo and you don’t have any connections in the city.”