Young T adds voice to fight against GBV

By Rosalia David

WITH the aim of giving back to the community, musician Tulina Ndafyaalako also known as Young T, in collaboration with Monica Gender Equality Organisation founder Iipinge Nashilongo has released an album titled ‘GBV Defeated’ dedicated to the fight against Gender Based Violence.
How he came about releasing an album of that kind, Young T explained that he was voted by the public to become the ambassador of the non-profitable organisation.
“It came as a result of the public voting for me as the most appropriate musical representative for the organisation.

They chose me to stand as an ambassador and the founder Iipinge Nashilongo and I decided that we should do a musical project for the nation.”
According to Young T, 100 percent of proceeds to be generated from the album will go to the organisation.
“It is a charity project that I have done just to give back to the community,” he added.

Questioned on what inspired the title of the album Young T said a name is more like a wish and that their greatest wish is to have Gender Based Violence exterminated for good.
On how the project was received so far, the young artist added that people are excited about the album and are already jamming to songs which carry ‘strong messages’.
“As long as the music is good and the words are powerful and relatable, Namibians will; dance to it and sing along.
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We have also received positive feedback on how the lyrical content has helped those who were stuck in abusive relationships to pack up their bags and leave.

He went on to say that, the initial idea was to have the album available on digital platforms only but due to the public demand, they ended up incorporating hard copies as well.
Apart from the current album that was released last week, Young T mentioned that he will also be releasing his own independent project this year.
“I’m 80 percent done with it as we speak. It will be a reflection of growth and freedom and enhanced creativity. It should surely be anticipated, you know how I do. The current one will not to be added on my individual catalogue.
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We have another one coming next year same time.

Asked about the experience of working on an album which strictly focuses on GBV, Young T explained that it was a unique and challenging experience but exciting at the same time.
“It’s a guided concept where you should stay within certain boundaries. It takes great creativity. Not many artists can work under such circumstances and still deliver that many songs without repeating themselves all over the album. I give myself a tap on the shoulder for delivering and making my fans happy”.