Young woman haunted by multiple abortions

By Tracy Tafirenyika

AFTER three illegal backyard abortions in a space of four years,  26-year-old *Ayesha has come out with a cautionary tale saying that life threatening decision has been haunting her ever since.

Speaking to Confidente this week, Ayesha explained how aborting had affected her mentally and physically as she almost lost her life in the process of her third abortion after she was given the wrong pills.

Ayesha delved into the gory details of illegal abortion saying for her the process was always painful and she would bleed non-stop for a month after each abortion.

She also lost weight due to loss of appetite and had suicidal thoughts, explaining that she went through depression. And after all that, she is bedevilled by her actions.

In total abortion pills cost her N$5000, including pills for cleaning the womb.

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