Youth and entertainers glorify independence

By Rosalia David

AS the nation prepares to celebrate its 31st Namibian independence, the youth and those in the showbiz have glorified the celebration saying that it is a day to remember and rejoice.
Despite the outbreak of the pandemic, the youth have said that they will be celebrating the day at the comfort of their own homes while remembering the countries blissful milestones.
Namibian legendary reggae musician Ras Sheehama, whose political pro-SWAPO stance of his father forced him into exile in 1979 to Angola and Zambia, expressed his excitement for Namibia to be reaching another year of independence saying that it is the best place to be currently.

“Independence means a lot to all of us as musicians. It obviously brought a lot of things that were not in existence, I mean we are now free to do so much without any limitations. The youth have so many opportunities these days, platforms in music have been created. For now we need to be strong and keep pushing through the pandemic so that we are able to step on stages again,” he said.

He further urged young musicians to continue hosting shows online to keep the momentum going.
Videographer Lydia Pitiri said that she is also excited to be celebrating independence as it’s a day the country became free from colonialism.
Meanwhile, the duo Ethnix comprising of Etjo and Page said, “Independence means that we are free to express our art in a free country without any limitations and it means that we now have the privilege to walk freely because of the sacrifice made by our heroes and heroines whose blood was shed.”
Kwaito group from Rundu, TKB will be playing Namibian music on Independence Day to celebrate what musicians have also achieved after the country became independent.
“Independence simply means we have the freedom to rule and stand on our own without colonialism and oppression that our Namibia people suffered from and paid for dearly with their lives just so today we live freely in peace and harmony as a nation that governs itself,” the group stated.
While Windhoek based rapper Nga-I described the countries 31st birthday will be a day to remember.
In response to what independence means to her, Top Cheri said, “I will probably be sipping on a glass of juice and having a few people over just to relax and enjoy the day. It deserves a celebration but having Covid-19 in mind.”
Model Dennis Hendriks who has also been in the fashion industry for many years described independence as an important commemoration for the fashion industry saying that it had paved the way for fashionistas and models to be able express themselves freely outside and inside the country.
He said, “It’s obvious that life has not gone back to normal yet because of Covid-19 but with this day approaching, one can actually finally have something to be happy about. Independence means more than the word itself, its freedom for people to express themselves and to use it to improve, learn, and experience everyday living, however, being in the fashion industry all my life, independence should not be used as an excuse to seize power but rather making our own choices and taking the responsibility of the consequences of our choices.”
Samuel Kapofi who is a student at NUST said he will be travelling out of town on the day but wishes all Namibians a happy independence.
S-man, who calls himself the ‘King of the South’, said that he is delighted to live in such a country as Namibia as it has offered him lifetime opportunities.

“The fact that I am able to express myself through music without being limited to what to sing and what not to sing means a lot to me and to be able to celebrate music anywhere in the country is an achievement. Thanks to everyone who fought for the independence of the country,” he said.
Dezel Skrywer who has been on radio for quite some time also recognised the 31st independence celebration as a milestone for the art industry saying that it had opened up doors for many personalities especially those on radio.
“We have to be thankful really, we are able to walk into any radio stations and inquire for a job through our experiences or pinpoint a topic to discuss on radio without being told that we cannot discuss that. I will be celebrating the Independence Day in the comfort of my home because of coronavirus,” he stated.