Youth entrepreneurs aim high


WHEN Robert Haufiku wanted an imported cellphone back in 2018 he entrusted the whole process to a man he was introduced to by a friend. The man, according to him, used to import many things for people from abroad.

“I handed him the money and he promised me that the handset would be delivered within a month,” he stated. A month turned into three months and he subsequently did not get the smartphone, nor his money back. The importer vanished into thin air. Once beaten, twice shy, Haufiku says.

That experience conceived an idea from him. After hearing similar tales from other people, Haufiku teamed up with two other youths and started a company that imports goods from abroad especially China.

“We discovered a lot of people have lost huge amounts of money due to fraud in the importing business. That is why we decided to come up with a solution especially when it comes to helping out the youth who want to import let’s say cellphones, laptops, clothes, watches, hair products and shoes,” he told Confidente this week.

“Since 2018, we have helped many people from Ondangwa and surrounding areas import their things from abroad,” he narrated.

Haufiku noted they operate differently from other businesses.

“When a person wants something, they fill two forms. We take one, which we use and the client is left with another. On the client’s form we attach copies of our identity cards. So a client can always follow us when his or her item doesn’t arrive while they have paid.”

He co-owns his company Ndapanda Holdings with fellow youths Etuwina Shatilwe and Anna Nelenge and they operate from Ondangwa. Although based in Ondangwa, he stressed they assist people from across the North.

“Last week somebody received a laptop and two desk computers that she ordered from South Africa with us via DHL. They arrived well and the client was happy,” he said.

According to Haufiku, they usually use DHL and The Sea for shipping. “These two companies are cheap when it comes to shipping and this also lessens the burden on the client,” he added noting that shipment with DHL takes less than three weeks from countries like China whilst The Sea takes less than a month. “But what is attractive about them is the low rates,” he noted.

The young entrepreneurs informed this publication that they intend to expand their business and operations to include among others, importing vehicles, trucks, buses and heavy construction machinery.

“In the next two years, we want to see ourselves doing that. It is possible. It’s a matter of focusing and working hard,” he said whilst imploring fellow youths not to always wait for government to provide for them. “Do something for yourself. Opportunities are many.”

Regular client, Wisdom Mushabati said the trio has made things easier for me. “I own a printing shop and most of the time I need new stuff like computers, printers and cameras. What I do is to search for the cheaper ones online, and they will do everything. Their service is awesome,” he stated.