Youth killed over Monis Granada

…as Hero’s Bar death toll mounts

By Jade McClune

A resident of Swakopmund, the young Henry /Goagoseb, was fatally wounded on Saturday in a drunken brawl outside a shebeen during an argument over a bottle of wine.

Henry Henrico /Goagoseb (22) met death late that night outside the infamous Hero’s Bar in Mondesa, which has been at the centre of several deadly knife and gun attacks and robberies in recent years. Owned by a certain P Hangula, the operations of the shebeen, which was initially supposed to be a supermarket, has been the subject of numerous complaints to council.

According to information provided by the local police, /Goagoseb and a friend were on their way from the nearby Shinedima Bar at around 22h40 that night when they met two unknown men seated on the sidewalk outside Hero’s Bar, who were drinking Monis Granada.

Apparently /Goagoseb asked for some wine from the strangers, following which an altercation occurred. The police said the two men were “sitting and enjoying their wine on the pavement” when the now deceased youth and his friend approached to ask for some wine. The owner of the bottle instead took out a knife.

“Meanwile, /Goagoseb allegedly grabbed the bottle but before he could run away with it, the owner of the wine stabbed him.” His friend, 20-year-old Lovita Xoagub, ran in another direction but later came back to search for /Goagoseb, only to learn that his friend had been taken to the State Hospital. Upon his arrival at the hospital, he was informed that /Goagoseb had died.

One suspect, 30-year-old Crosley Swartbooi, has been arrested.

There have been numerous complaints since 2010 over health and safety, noise and unsanitary conditions to the council related to the operations of Hero’s Bar, which was also the site of the killing of 17-year-old Desmond Awarab on 19 November 2016.

The young Awarab was stabbed in the chest and bled to death in the area late one night. The case lingers on and the motive for the killing remains unclear after the only suspect arrested in the matter, Adam Ruben (31), was released in March and the matter struck from the roll over repeated delays in the police investigation, despite the cries for justice from the bereaved family of the murdered teenager.

One month prior to that, on 19 October the lifeless body of 25-year-old Wesley Naobeb, who had been at Hero’s Bar the previous night, was found in the open area near the same shebeen. The police reported that Naobeb had been shot several times in both thighs and that that there was no known suspect at the time.

A mere two weeks before that, on 2 October 2016, sometime between 00h30 and 05h15 Abednego Kazondandona (30) was found by his friends lying unconscious in a pool of blood with a stab wound in the neck outside the nearby Shinedima Bar. He was taken to the State Hospital and had to be urgently transferred to Windhoek, but succumbed to his injuries on the way.

In March that year, during an apparent robbery, another 30-year-old was stabbed to death near Shinedima Bar, this time by someone acting in self-defense. Police said the suspected robber (who was killed in the altercation) first pepper-sprayed his victim in the eyes with the intention to rob him, but the person ran away.

“The alleged robber chased after his victim, but while running behind him the suspect turned around and stabbed him to death. He died on the spot.” The robbery victim had reportedly met a woman earlier at Shinedima Bar, who “is suspected to have sold him out to her friends by telling them he has cash. So, they decided to rob him when he left the bar.”

Last week, in a related threat, a woman was attacked on her way to work from the DRC location by an unknown male who grabbed her from behind and tried to undress her. They wrestled and as she was trying to defend herself the attacker beat her in the face with a clenched fist. The suspect grabbed her phone as it fell from her pocket and ran away. A case of assault, robbery and attempted rape was filed.

Detective Chief Inspector Daniel Gurirab said, “It is very dark and misty during this time of the morning… let us warn the people of DRC Location to be cautious, especially with children (girls) going to school” in the dark.