Zamaleck debuts music career

By Rosalia David

UP-AND-COMING Afro-pop musician Nicky Munyandi also known as Nicko Zamaleck hailing from the Zambezi region has released his latest video titled ‘Power’ with an ambition of finally kickstarting his music career.

After three years of being in the music industry and now with two music videos under his belt, Zamaleck told Confidente that there is no turning back as he gears up for his upcoming first album.

“This video indicates how serious I am now when it comes to music. Although I have been around for some time, I have not been releasing anything because school has been my major priority. I only have another single titled ‘My Namibia’ that people love so much,” he added.

Asked on what inspired his second song ‘Power,’ Zamaleck said it was his way of making his presence known and felt in the industry.

“I titled the song Power because it announces my establishment in the music industry. It is me encouraging myself to pursue my passion and be my own hero without having to give up on this thing called music,” he said.

Spilling the tea on his upcoming projects, Zamaleck said he will be dropping another banger this year titled ‘Dunisa’ which he described as a ‘game song’ he used to play back in the days.

Although he has decided to push his music career to a whole new level, he said, his school comes first and the rest follows.  Zamaleck is a second-year student at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) majoring in Journalism and Media studies.

“I am very young and giving up on my school for music would not make sense. I believe as a musician one needs a back-up plan to fall back on. We can see what Corona did to our industry … when one has a business or a degree you can always jump to plan B,” he said.

He went on to emphasise the importance of his studies saying that he is prepared to quit music anytime if it gets in the way of his studies.

“If I get that breakthrough I have always been praying for in music and I start struggling to complete my assignments, I swear I will throw in the towel, because the music business in Namibia is different from other countries, there is not much you can get out of it,” he explained.