Zambezi comedians on the rise

By Rosalia David

THE Zambezi Youth Development Fund will host a stand-up comedy and storytelling show at Eagles Beer Garden in Windhoek on Saturday.

In an interview with Confidente, organiser of the event Shakufweva Sylvester expressed joy towards the upcoming show saying that it is high time for comedians from the Zambezi region to also promote their art in the capital.

“We are starting in Windhoek so that they also get the exposure here and then host the second comedy show back home. We have a lot of talented comedians in Zambezi that have never performed in Windhoek,” he said.

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According to Sylvester, the show aims to promote and encourage the use of local languages from Zambezi and encourage the use of their indigenous languages in the home while finding a way to document them.

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Sylvester further added that through the stand-up comedy show, unity will also be promoted amongst the people of Zambezi region.

“Through showcasing the talents of our youth in the region: The Zambezi region has never had a platform that encourages people to unite through arts, storytelling, comedy and many other activities.

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This is the first of its kind and through this, we want to engage various talented youths to showcase their talents and outsource new talents.

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He said, in the midst of Covid-19 it is important to make people laugh which reduces stress.

“It is amusing, entertaining as well as satirical in nature and also resulting in improved physical and psychological well-being,” he added.

The event will consist of visual representation, storytelling, short plays and live band music by various participants.

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The Zambezi Youth Development Fund is a non-profit organisation formed with the aim of supporting youth in the Zambezi region through various channels of developing and educating the youth to be involved in many aspects of society that will eventually unleash their talents in music, arts, comedy, acting and entrepreneurship.