Zambezi hosts sport event for people with intellectual disabilities


IN collaboration with the Mainstream Foundation Disability Center based in Katima Mulilo, Special Olympics Namibia (SON) has hosted the youth summit, family health forum, screening, health promotion as well as football competitions.

The events were hosted at the Katima Mulilo Sports complex on 08 September and 09 September.

The aim of the competitions was to give equal opportunities to people living with intellectual disabilities.

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The sport events were also an opportunity for athletes with intellectual disability to interact and compete with athletes without intellectual disability on one sports field.

Andrew Ngenokesho Taapopi, Sports and Health Administrator for Special Olympics Namibia, told Confidente that the youth summit focused on fitness, wellness, leadership skills, advocacy and awareness of intellectual disability.

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“The youth summit was led by the youth leaders with and without intellectual disabilities to promote inclusion and making sure that intellectual disability is not inability and that everyone can become a better leader through training and courage building,” Taapopi said.

“The Family Health Forum annual health program aims to give families with intellectual disability the opportunity to meet with health and social service professionals in and around a region,”

“This will be a great opportunity to learn more about how these families are dealing with their disabilities. Health Athletes Screening is an initiative run by the Special Olympics that offers athletes access to free health screenings and health information during local and international competitions, Taapopi said.

“Health-care volunteers are present and help people with intellectual disabilities receive adequate health care.

Health screening also provides one with an opportunity to learn about Special Olympics Namibia and also share information specific to one’s expertise,” Taapopi added.

Special Olympics Namibia will hold national games in Windhoek on 07 October 2022 in Windhoek.

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The games will, among others, feature athletics, football and long jump.

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