Zambezi Music Awards still on hold

By Rosalia David

THE Zambezi Music Awards (ZAMAs) which were initially scheduled to take place in December of 2019 are still hanging in the air with no date given as to when the ceremony could eventually take place.
In an interview with Confidente, one of the organisers, Muliyehi Mutabelezi said the committee has put the event on hold as their plans of hosting the occasion have been hindered by the lack of funds and Covid-19.
ZAMAs were initiated to cater for those in the creative industry from the Zambezi region as they have always felt left out from the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs).
After the announcement and putting out a call for entry, artists from different areas in the Zambezi region entered the awards submitting forms on a fee of N$50 per registration form.
However after closing the entries, Mutabelezi said they could not move ahead with the nominees’ selection process due to Covid-19.
“We still don’t know when it is going to take place. We wanted to have an event announcing the nominees but we were also having challenges securing sponsorship, we only had the town council on board and now Covid-19 came, so we don’t know,” he said.
He added that although each artist registered with a fee of N$50 for the form, the amount generated was not enough hence why they decided to put it on hold and monitor the pandemic.
“Things have changed now. We need more sponsorship so we come up with a date and see how the regulations change. We know artists were really looking forward to this amazing platform because it is long overdue, they keep asking when exactly it will take place.”
Mutabelezi said the awards were created in a way to accommodate as many youths as possible without excluding talent such as cultural dance groups.
“ZAMA is a platform registered under Mutabelezi Investment cc and it falls under event management and coordination. Apart from the awards ceremony, we will have sports activities, cultural dancing competitions, beauty contests, quiz and debate shows and sales promotions for businesses,” he explained.
He added that this event was going to be the first of its kind for the region.
“We had planned that our winners get selected based on the following: The audience voting is given 50 percent and judges are also given 50 percent. ZAMA will keep on hosting a lot of events that promote music and other hidden talents of the youth,” said Mutabelezi.
Selected artists will battle it out in the following categories: Best sikokoshi/Rhumba disco, House kwasa, Best kwaito, Best hip-hop/R&B/Trap, Best gospel, Best reggae, Best house and Best Afro-pop.