Zambezi netball owes affiliation fees

• By Michael Uugwanga

ZAMBEZI Netball owes its mother body Netball Namibia affiliation fees amounting to N$14 000, hampering the development of the sport in the region.

The affiliation fee is divided into two, the first debt is an amount of N$6 000 that goes back three years, and the current affiliation fees of N$8 000; bringing the total to N$14 000.

This was said by the chairperson of the Zambezi netball region, Esther Matomola in an interview with Confidente when asked why netball in the region has not been active for years now.

To make matters worse the region does not have a proper netball court, which makes it difficult to start a league that comprises of top tier and lower leagues.

Matomola and her executive were elected into power at the back end of last year, with the aim of reviving netball in the region.

“We (current leaders) were only elected last year in October. We are still busy trying to put things in place and as the chairperson I am trying my level best. I am not sure what was happening with the previous board and this why we were not participating in leagues.

“We want to put the region back on the map as far as netball is concerned. If we are to talk about affiliation fees we asked to pay the N$6 000 fees of more than three years, of which I was not part of that board, on top of the N$8 000 affiliation fees for the current tenure. We cannot pay affiliation fees of people that were here before us,” she said.

In a way to revive the sport of netball, the region is set to host the Zambezi Easter Sports Festival from April 14 to 18 at Katima Mulilo Sports Complex, which will also include football and volleyball.

While another tournament called the Annual Sports tournament which comprises netball, football and volleyball is scheduled to take place from April 30 to May 2.

“It is a difficult year for us as we have just started. This is why we are hosting tournaments in order for people to start getting interested in netball. We are also looking at starting an U-17 netball league in schools, especially schools outside town, but finances will remain a challenge. We also want to have a team taking part in the MTC Namibia Netball Premier League,” said Matomola.

In May, Netball Namibia is expected to hold its elective congress which will see new leaders appointed in various positions.

Meanwhile, the current NN leaders have written a letter to all regional affiliated members to accept the plan by Netball Namibia to have its Annual General Meeting (AGM) moved from May to either September or October after the Netball Africa World Cup qualifiers and other related matters.