Zanele Mbeki Private School learners win big

By Confidente Reporter

THE Municipal Council of Windhoek recently held an awareness campaign to commemorate World Water Day with the theme, ‘The value of water to the Windhoek Community’.
As part of their awareness campaign they introduced a competition, on essay writing and drawing which most schools took part in.

Learners from grade one to four from different schools were expected to draw pictures showing the importance of water while those from grade five to seven were supposed to write essays around the same topic.

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In the keenly contested competition, Zanele Mbeki Private School learners did well after four learners at the school scooped awards that were presented by the deputy mayor of the City of Windhoek, Clemencia Hanases who was in company of the junior mayor, Grace Mackinza.

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The awards ceremony was hosted by the City of Windhoek at their headquarters and the winners received certificates, trophies and bags.

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The school principal at Zanele Mbeki Private School, Chipo Mudzikati congratulated the learners and praised their teachers for working extremely hard for such a good cause.

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Zanele Mbeki Private School is a primary school that lies in the periphery of Grysblok, Katutura in Windhoek.
The school starts from grade zero to grade seven and it has an enrolment of 324 learners and 14 highly qualified teachers.

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The school’s motto is ‘Success through endeavor’.

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They believe in nurturing every child’s talent and they would want to see each child reaching his /her full potential.